GND Super Speciality Hospital

Guru Nanak Dev Super Specialty Hospital Is a modern,state –of-the-art healthcare centre with international standard which was founded in 2013 by Kar Sewa under the supreme guidance of Baba Jagtar Singh Ji Kar Sewa Wale.The Hospital was founded on two fundamental ideals,charity and pursuit of excellence.These ideals provide us the impetus to focus on the well being and quality healthcare facilities for every patient.The hospital has 350 bed with 7 OTs and 3 ICUs with 24 hours emergency.

Tarn Taran is a small district located 25 kms from Amritsar in Punjab that borders Pakistan.being border belt of Punjab,there were many deficiencies,including that of education an health.considering the prevailing conditions and medical needs Baba Jiwan Singh Baba Dalip Singh Educational Trust (Regd) has established Guru Nanak Dev Super Specialty Hospital.A hospital that is equipped with best team of doctors and modern medical and diagnostic facilities.

The Construction of the hospital was undertaken by Kar Sewa under the supreme guidance of their head Baba Jagtar Singh JI Kar Sewa Wale.Kar Sewa is mainly unconditional service and sacrifice towards humanity without any greed or lust.The Kar Sewaks are devoted to any noble task done for is their devotion,honesty and spirit of sacrifice that has significantly helped they needy and promoted basic facilities in the area.

Philosophy and History

‘Kar Sewa’ means work for humanity with devotion. The word ‘Kar Sewa’ is used for a pure task without any greed or lust or egoism, it is service done with devotion, honesty, faith and with spirit of sacrifice, it may be any noble task done for mankind with due respect and faith in one God.

Sikhism has a long history of sacrifices and services. Unconditional Sewa exists in principles and tenets of Sikhism. Baba Budha Ji was the first Kar Sewak in Sikh history, who with blessings of Guru Nanak Dev ji, spent whole of his life in Kar Sewa. Baba Budha Ji was born on 06 October 1506 Baba Budha Ji spent nearly 100 years of his life in doing Sewa of Guru Ghar. Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji entrusted Kar Sewa of constructing Sri Akal Takht Sahib at Amritsar to Baba Budha Ji.

It is the fundamental duty of every Sikh to follow the ‘Path of Kar Sewa’ established by Sikh Guru Saheebaan. Sikh history is full of devoted Kar sewaks. Sant Baba Biram Dass ji was also a Kar Sewak who spent most of his life in Kar Sewa. Kar Sewak Baba Gurmukh Singh ji was born in year 1849 AD to father S. Karam Singh Ji and Mata Gurdai Kaur Ji. The love for humanity and the spirit of Sewa took Baba Gurmukh Singh ji and Baba Sadhu Singh (cousin of Baba Gurmukh Singh ji) to Kar Sewak Biram Dass ji, who preached them to follow the path of Sewa and renounce the binding ties of the materialistic world.

Both Baba Gurmukh Singh ji and Baba Sadhu Singh ji seemed to be exact as per their names to be as ‘Gurmukh’ and ‘Sadhu’ respectively. Both brothers left to Amritsar on command of Baba Biram Dass ji. They started Sewa of cleaning Parikarma of Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar while reciting name of God as, ‘Satnam Waheguru – Satnam Waheguru’. Baba Gurmukh Singh ji revived the institution of Kar Sewa, with its epicenter called as Dera Kar Sewa.

After the demise of Baba Gurmukh Singh ji (1849-1948), Baba Jiwan Singh Ji was made the head, to carry further the mission of Kar Sewa. Babaji carried out Kar Sewa in various parts of Punjab along with Sachkhand Shri Hazur Sahib Nanded and nearby areas. In year 1974, after demise of Baba Jiwan Singh ji Baba Dalip Singh took over as head of Samparda ‘Kar Sewa’. Baba Dalip Singh ji, Baba Jhanda Singh Ji, Baba Hari Singh Ji continued to perform Kar Sewa with firm devotion. During his life time Baba Hari Singh Ji appointed Baba Jagtar Singh Ji as the head of Dera Kar Sewa Tarn Taran.

Since then Baba Jagtar Singh Ji has been performing Kar Sewa at various places with cooperation of Sikh sangat of the country and abroad. Nearly 25 Jathedars (leading men) have been distributed with various Kar Sewa tasks at different places in India including Sikh shrines of Pakistan. Baba Mohinder Singh Ji is the cashier of the Dera, who looks after expenses and records of the Dera.

Sangat, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbhandhak Committee and Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee have been co-operating for fulfillment of Kar Sewa of historical and religious places in the country and abroad. With the mutual cooperation and advice of such institutions, the mission of Kar sewa is is going strong.