Endocrinology And Diebetes

Diabetes Mellitus is a non-communicable disease which can affect almost every part of the body if proper care and treatment of the condition is not done. In About 40 million people in India are diabetics. GNDSSH provides a complete array of services and treatments to successfully curb this deadly disease.

GNDSH has been successfully offering a wide range of integrated treatments and solutions to diabetes and diabetes associated problems like High blood pressure, skin infections, kidney/eye and nerve damages etc.

Our approach to diabetes care

We integrate specialist diabetes care with other specialist services from initial diagnosis onwards, providing:

  1. Full diabetes assessment and screening for both Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes
  2. Diagnosis, monitoring and supportive cares for women who develop diabetes when they are pregnant (gestational diabetes)
  3. Accurate estimates of cardiovascular risk so that we can take prompt action to deal with any increased risk as quickly as possible
  4. Information, education and support to enable you to understand diabetes and its impact on your body so that you can play a full role in its management
  5. A comprehensive range of diabetes treatment options, including recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes, tablets and insulin therapy
  6. Specialist advice on diet and the importance of eating regularly
  7. Help with taking blood glucose measurements
  8. Advice on how to both treat and avoid low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia – ‘hypos’)
  9. Support for children and teenagers diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes
  10. All the latest information on Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance
  11. Support and help for when you want to take part in sport, travel abroad with work, have a baby, or just go on holiday, confident that you can still manage your diabetes