Donate your blood for a reason, let the reason to be life

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Blood Bank in Guru Nanak Dev Super Speciality Hospital, Tarn Taran started in the year 2015. It is one of the most important service departments of the hospital catering to blood requirements for patients from surgical as well as medical departments. Blood Bank started 24 hours emergency services from the year 2015.

Blood Bank not only met the demand of the hospital patients but it also kept pace with advances in the field of Transfusion Medicine. Being a tertiary care hospital with super specialty dept. the transfusion services have always faced and met challenges reinventing itself with respect to Techniques, procedures and equipment’s.

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Why Donate Blood?

Giving blood saves lives. The blood you give is a lifeline in an emergency and for people who need long-term treatments. Your blood donation may be even more special than you realize. A single donation from you can help one or more patients. This is possible because whole blood is made up of several useful components. These components perform special functions in your body and in the body of patients who receive your blood.

Various blood components are Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Platelets, Plasma and selected Plasma Proteins. Each of these components can be separated from your donated volume of blood and transfused into a specific patient requiring that particular component.

Many people would not be alive today if donors had not generously given their blood.

Who Needs Blood?

Blood is composed of the following living cells which support and maintain our body tissues.

  • Red blood cells, which are filled with hemoglobin and carry oxygen from our lungs to the rest of our bodies.
  • White blood cells, which defend against infection.
  • Platelets, which help blood to clot when injuries occur.

This blood will be used:

  • For cancer patients.
  • For those undergoing surgery.
  • To treat accident and burns victims.
  • To treat shock.
  • To provide clotting factors for people with bleeding disorders, including haemophilia.
  • To provide antibody treatment for people with disorders of the immune system.

Regular blood donors ensure that a safe and plentiful supply of blood is available whenever and wherever it is needed.

Am I Eligible?


  • New donors are accepted from their 16th birthday up to their 66th birthday
  • Existing/Regular donors are accepted up to their 71st birthday.
  • Regular donors from 71st to their 76th birthday may be accepted subject to authorisation.


  • Weigh at least 50kg.
  • First time donors must also meet height and weight criteria.


  • You must be in good health at the time you donate.
  • You cannot donate if you have a cold, flu, sore throat, cold sore, stomach bug or any other infection.
  • If you have recently had a tattoo or body piercing you cannot donate for 6 months from the date of the procedure.
  • If you have visited the dentist for a minor procedure you must wait 24 hours before donating; for major work wait a month.


  • You must have eaten some food during the 3 hours prior to donation.
  • Please accept the snacks offered after the donation. It is recommended to have a good meal later.

Donate Blood

Without blood donors like you, Central Blood Bank would be unable to fulfill its mission and provide blood products to the thousands of patients who need transfusions each year.

You can donate anywhere between three and 24 times each year, depending on your type of donation and whether you are eligible to donate. There are basic qualifications that every donor must meet; most restrictions are because of medical and travel history. The actual donation process is quick, easy and painless.